Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Storm

Acrylic on canvas.
This is another unrestrained acrylic painting I have done. What I like about this painting is the contrasting colours and the chaos it depicts. The earth of molten lava, the landslides, the storm wreaking havoc, the trees, the fire all rolled into one. I love it and so does a few people with their comments below:
  • this for sale?? I would like to buy this masterpiece.. - Kamal Ishak
  • got storm outside there... - Darlene Abdullah
  • Baru ada sinar dan cahaya....orang kata ada "Soul"Bagaikan lava yang mengalir ke dasar laut."Tandus hati kegersangan pasti lenyap bila dipupuk dengan kasih yang mengalir". - Alfie Lensa
  • this is lovely elita!! i didnt know u painted.....and yes is it for sale? - Marina Hussain
This painting is sold. It resides somewhere in an office in Cyberjaya.

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